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CRISM Therapeutics

Implantable Drug Delivery Technology for the Localised Treatment of Solid Tumours. CRISM Therapeutics is the developer of ChemoSeed, an implantable biodegradable drug delivery technology.

Our unique platform challenges and refines the use of hot-melt extrusion and strives to find a practical remedy to stability and solubility issues. What’s more, we have developed and supplied implantable inserts that use approved drugs but improve delivery profiles.

What we offer

In collaboration with the University of Birmingham, CRISM developed a platform implantable drug delivery technology that improves the clinical performance of APIs used in cancer treatment by delivering them directly to their required site of action. This approach allows for a lower dose to be administered, removing the issue of toxic side-effects commonly associated with cancer treatment thus improving patients’ quality of life.

These implants offer considerable benefit to global healthcare, through the improvement of the therapeutic efficacy of already approved drugs, thus negating the need for costly and time-consuming drug discovery programmes.

Specialising in pharmaceutical manufacturing, CRISM Therapeutics provides expert assistance and services to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. Aiming to help with the essential first stage in developing new drug delivery techniques, we have assembled an interdisciplinary team of specialists, including pharmacologists, clinicians, and equipment providers with a lifetime’s combined experience in the industry. 

About us

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An implantable biodegradable drug delivery technology designed for the sustained delivery of chemotherapy directly into cancer tissue, improving clinical performance by directly treating disease, particularly when targeting hard-to-treat tumours.

Formulation Services

Formulation Services

High-quality, cost-effective drug delivery techniques. CRISM Therapeutics understands how to mix active pharmaceutical ingredients with polymers and additives and the equipment to characterise solid pharmaceutical dispersions.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

We consult about all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation and development. CRISM Therapeutics has extensive resources, including a wide selection of remixers, available for our clients to develop and create new formulations.

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