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About Us

Founded in March 2016, CRISM Therapeutics employs an interdisciplinary team of pharmaceutical specialists based in Birmingham. We serve a wide range of international clients, aiming to improve the clinical performance of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) via local drug delivery and personalised medicines.


In addition to our experienced interdisciplinary team, CRISM Therapeutics works closely with a wide array of organisations. For instance, our excellent relationship with clinicians at Queens Hospital, Birmingham, has been crucial to the success of our projects to date. Please get in touch today for a preliminary and confidential discussion about pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Additionally, CRISM Therapeutics undertook discussions with the UK regulator, the MHRA about the pharmacology and toxicology data required for submission of the Clinical Trial Authorisation application.

University of Birmingham

Our company has worked on cancer treatments with the University of Birmingham, from formulation development and scale-up to technology transfer and cGMP manufacture of implantable devices.

Hot-Melt Extrusion Development

We are also working with a UK-based pharmaceutical company, developing a hot-melt extrusion process to manufacture a long-acting subdermal polymeric implant. CRISM Therapeutics designed the protocol to take the product from assay and related substance method development and validation through pre-formulation, formulation development, and preclinical testing, moving onto scale-up, technology transfer and cGMP manufacture of a clinical batch.  We wish to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to determine if the Low Temperature, Low Shear Extrusion platform (LTLE) is suitable for these products.

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