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An implantable biodegradable drug delivery technology

An implantable biodegradable drug delivery technology designed for the sustained delivery of chemotherapy directly into cancer tissue, improving clinical performance by directly treating disease, particularly when targeting hard-to-treat tumours.

What is Chemoseed?

ChemoSeed is an implantable, biodegradable drug delivery technology, designed for the sustained delivery of chemotherapy directly into cancer tissue, thereby improving clinical performance.

Each individual ChemoSeed is 6mm in length and 2mm in diameter, weighs 24mg and contains 7.2mg of irinotecan. Depending on the resection, 25 to 45 seeds would be implanted into the margin, delivered through a 12-gauge biopsy needle or catheter, with each seed formulated to seven days.

Andrew Webb CEO Crism Pharmaceuticals

Andrew Webb

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Christopher McConville BSc, MSc, PhD PG Cert

Dr Christopher McConville

Chief Scientific Officer

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Drug Delivery Platform

ChemoSeed is a platform drug delivery technology that will allow the development of novel therapies and the re-purposing/formulation of regulatory approved drugs. The Directors and Prospective Directors believe that represents a promising and exciting option for the treatment of any solid tumour where surgical resection takes place or there is ease of local access.

The first ChemoSeed to reach clinical trial will be for high grade gliomas, however ChemoSeed could be used for the localised treatment of other solid tumours, including prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.

How is Chemoseed Administered?

ChemoSeed can be administered during surgery via a 12-guage biopsy needle or catheter, which adds minimal time (approximately 40 minutes) to current resection surgery procedures ChemoSeed is made of a polylactic-co-glycolic acid copolymer, which biodegrades over three to six months, and has been approved for use in the brain.

Implantable Biodegradable Drug Delivery Technology

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