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Dr Christopher McConville

Chief Scientific Officer

Chris is Director and Chief Scientific Officer at CRISM Therapeutics a company set up to provide expert advice and consultancy on the use of hot melt extrusion, injection moulding and 3D printing within the pharmaceutical industry. Chris is the inventor of ChemoSeed, the Company's implantable biodegradable drug delivery technology.

Dr Christopher McConville BSc, MSc, PhD PG Cert

Experience & History

Chris McConville is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Associate Professor with an internationally recognised research portfolio in pharmaceutics, drug delivery, formulation and pharmaceutical engineering. Chris leads an active research group in the field of drug formulation and delivery, with a focus on implantable devices and nanotechnology for the improvement of cancer treatment. His recent work has focused on the development of an implantable device for the local delivery of chemotherapy to the brain (ChemoSeed®) as well as a device for the delayed and localised delivery of chemotherapy to the pancreatic cancer margin. Through his research Chris has established a number of impactful collaborative links with academic, clinical and industrial partners.

Chris also provides consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry on drug formulation and delivery, particularly in the areas of Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC), sustained drug delivery, implantable devices, nanotechnology, hot melt extrusion, injection moulding and 3D printing.

CRISM Therapeutics

CRISM Therapeutics uses hot melt extrusion, injection moulding and 3D printing to improve the clinical performance of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), through solubility enhancement, local drug delivery and personalised medicines. In collaboration with the University of Birmingham CRISM has developed ChemoSeed® a platform implantable drug delivery technology that improves the clinical performance of APIs used in cancer treatment by delivering them directly to their required site of action. The Company's first product is for the treatment of high grade glioma (brain tumour). CRISM Therapeutics is also responsible for the commercialisation of ChemoSeed, an implantable device designed to be implanted at the surgical margin of a brain tumour, improving the delivery of chemotherapy to the tumour margin while reducing systemic toxicities. This approach will improve the efficacy of brain tumour treatment, while reducing the onerous side effects on patients.


An implantable biodegradable drug delivery technology designed for the sustained delivery of chemotherapy directly into cancer tissue, improving clinical performance by directly treating disease, particularly when targeting hard-to-treat tumours.

Formulation Services

High-quality, cost-effective drug delivery techniques. CRISM Therapeutics understands how to mix active pharmaceutical ingredients with polymers and additives and the equipment to characterise solid pharmaceutical dispersions.

Consultancy Services

We consult about all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation and development. CRISM Therapeutics has extensive resources, including a wide selection of remixers, available for our clients to develop and create new formulations.

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